The Dream Seeds® workshops are made up of 90 minutes of fun, hands-on learning that engages all students.

Our workshops focus on teaching students about values, the importance and power of community and team work, making decisions, and setting goals.

We teach these things through a range of fun, original activities that encouage the students think about their futures and understand that they are the leaders of their own lives.

The workshops are presented by post-secondary students who are  studying at TAFE or University, undertaking an apprenticeship or working. All of our presenters grew up in a rural areas. This gives us a broad range of experiences and gives students in the workshop the opportunity to see a variety of pathways and possibilities for their own futures.

Our workshops are strong, impactful and can really make a difference to the lives of young rural Victorians as they transition to secondary education.

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Dream Seeds® is a program owned and managed by Youthrive Victoria