Challenge 1 – Learning from others


To learn and grow it is important that we listen and learn from many different people. By listening to people with a different interest, culture and age we can build our understanding of the community around us and become better at communicating.

Your challenge
To think about why it is important to have different people and skills in a community?

Your task
To talk to someone older than you.

It is important that we listen and learn from people of all ages, why do you think that is? Your task to help you explore this week’s challenge is to talk to someone older than you. This may be your grandparent, next-door neighbour or a family friend.

Questions you might ask are:

          1- What have been the highlights of your life?

          2- How have you been involved in your community?

          3- What were your favourite things to do growing up?

          4- Why is it important to learn from a diverse range of people?

          5- What is one piece of advice that you would like to give me?

Let us know what you find out below!


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