Challenge 2 – What is my place like?


Everyone sees the world very differently. For example, you might see a tree as a special place, but for someone else it is just the same as every other tree. What we value changes how we see the places we live in or visit. How do you experience your place?

Your challenge
To think about how you experience your place, and how that may be different to how someone else experiences that same place.

Your task:
To listen and notice what your place is like.

Step 1: Go outside and find a nice quiet spot. You can sit or stand. What do you notice about the environment around you?

Step 2: List 10 things you can see, 5 things you can hear, 3 things you can touch and 1 thing you can smell.

Step 3: Think: Have you noticed these things about your place before? Does that change how you see your place? How might other people see your place, is it the same as you?

Let us know what you discover!


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