Challenge 5 – Turn a challenge into something fun


Everyone faces tough challenges and often we don’t have any control over them. But what we can do is bounce back from and make them even better than we planned. Most challenges we can make positive and fun if we work with others to help us to overcome them and achieve our goals.

Your challenge
To use your creativity and problem solving skills to turn a challenge into fun.

Your task
To create an indoor Olympics

Due to the corona virus the 2020 Tokyo Olympics had to be cancelled. The Australian Olympic team would like to run the event still, but are unsure how they can do this from their homes. They have asked for your help to create them an indoor Olympics. Use what you have in the house to create three games for the Olympians to play indoors. You could use cardboard, paper, pencils, sheets, chairs, or whatever else you can find in the house.

Good luck!

Please send through a photo of your indoor olympics so we can share it with our Dream Seeds Community to ensure the spirit of the olympics isn’t lost!


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