Challenge 7 – Reward yourself


Achieving our goals can be very tough and hard work. It is important to acknowledge when we have reached a goal and be proud of our achievements. By celebrating our goals we feel good and motivated to reach for another goal. This can help us stay motivated knowing that we will feel good once we have completed our goal.

Your challenge
To reward yourself after achieving your goal.

Your Task
Celebrate your goal.

Step 1: List your top 5 of your favourite things to do, this may be eating lollies, playing with friends or dancing. 

Step 2: Next time you reach a goal of yours, choose one of the things from your list and do it! This is how you can celebrate achieving your goal. 

Print yourself the trophy in the activity booklet and colour it in! Write on it 3 things that you are proud of yourself for. Well done for achieving your goal.

Let us know what you did to celebrate your goal!


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